You have real expertise in our jobs, you are keen on human values, consideration, solidarity, values that nourish collective intelligence ? So come and join us !


Here are the most frequent questions asked by our candidates – and the answers in full transparency !

What is the recruitment process within the Group ?

The process is phased over three or even four interviews ; this makes it possible for each of the parties to concretely discuss activities perspectives in order to make an informed decision. The candidate will thus be interviewed by the HR department, a manager (or even two managers in the event of additional questions on the same application) then a director. We seek to identify in every candidate a specific know-how, interpersonal skills, adequacy to our values- we do not seek to recruit for the needs of a project but to integrate high potentials within our teams. Our recruitment process lasts 3 weeks in average.

Does recruiting  » High potentials profiles » regardless of a project mean that the new employee could join the Group during a,  » In between contracts » periods ?

Being in a  » In between Projects  » or  » in between Contracts  » means temporarily not working on a project. We have perfect knowledge of the issues at stake for our customers due to our very specialized positioning, we have a good knowledge of client issues and requirements and target candidates who meet our expertise & know-how expectations. Even if we greatly anticipate the arrival of a consultant, it is indeed possible that him/her to join us during the “ in between contract ” period. During this period, he will be asked to work on internal projects (technical issues, regulatory issues, business conferences, Fintech meetings, participation in our R&D work around blockchain and big data, etc.) – specific tasks will therefore be listed in an engagement letter. It is also possible to be in an « in between contract period » between two projects. The average duration of this “ in between contracts” period was 14 working days in 2018.

A candidate recruited by the Group will join one of the seven specialized competency centers, for example the Risk Management & Modeling, Organization & Governance, Expertise & Digital Transformation, Real Estate… Will it be possible for him to transfer to other competency centers later ?

There are in fact 7 specialized competency centers to which is added a competency center of “ Senior advisors ” who work on cross-competency centers projects within the Group. We recruit employees with a real know-how, functional experience and a real desire to evolve in a very specific field ; they will therefore be integrated into a competency center that best meets expectations. Thereafter, it may naturally be possible to progress in another competency center ; the organization has been designed to make this possible with the existence of bridges and the support of our managers and competency center managers. However, you should know that our competency centers are very specialized, the qualities required and skills vary from one competency center to another ; moving to another competency center requires a real desire to get involved in other topics. Personal work will be necessary in addition to all the internal tools available to the employee.

What are the potential opportunities for a CMG CONSULTING GROUP employee ?

There are many opportunities depending on everyone’s wishes.
It is possible for some, for example, to pursue and evolve towards business expertise and become an expert consultant.
They are requested on projects requiring real expertise in trade, or a very specific field.
They are very often expected to develop a service in their professional scope, which will be presented to our customers.
They supervise internal “ contributors ” who participate in the drafting of the offer. Specific arrangements have been implemented to carry out this work. Others have expressed the wish to manage operational teams with clients ; they can become consultant managers / senior managers. Some other employees may wish to strengthen our Business teams to support us in the development of client partnerships. Other employees might be keen on actively participating in our R&D work, working on our technical monitoring and become a senior advisor to participate in cross-functional projects. For each of the possible options , a training process is organized, directly supervised by the director and the partners of the firm.

We talk a lot about the  » well-being  » of the employee in the majority of companies, have you implemented concrete actions in this direction ?

 » Well-being  » has indeed become very fashionable and some companies do not hesitate to really emphasise it in their recruitment policy. Consulting requires being very attentive to our customer needs and requirements along with the ability to adapt to changing environments, demonstrating autonomy, pro activity (being able to take the Lead on sensitive subjects), real qualities in addition to expertise. The subjects on which we work are often sensitive – either they must meet the requirements of the regulator – or they have real impacts on our customers’ business. Our advice is therefore valuable and our employees are therefore heavily involved in these subjects.
As a result, It is essential for the workload to be properly assessed right from the start, and then to be reassessed periodically during our project monitoring sessions. In this sense, we attach great importance to each employee well-being ;
monitoring sessions are organized with this aim in mind and there is even a specific clause in our contracts regarding  » well-being  » and the respect of our employees private life. A fair balance between professional and private life is dear to us – and we see to it. We have also set up a concierge service for all our employees with the  » Clac des doigts  » company to facilitate their everyday life. Corporate events are also regularly planned to encourage communication and develop a sense of belonging – e.g.
Over a drink, a dinner, a concert, a show or all together on a theater stage (les cours Florent) for an animation on expression & presentation.

What do you offer in terms of employee training ?

The Group dedicates 1.5% of its turnover to training and tools.
CMG Consulting Group has developed a close relationship with Paris Dauphine University, through various Master 2 level training courses, but also with the EDHEC and KEDGE business schools.
In addition, several of our collaborators work as temporary teachers at university and we encourage this approach by adapting their working time so that they can devote enough time to their educational commitments.
These same employees provide in-house training during thematic workshops.
These workshops can include 2, 3 or 4 sessions with a different degree of difficulty.
Once a month, we also organize a breakfast to discuss a specific topic – this presentation can be made by an employee or an external speaker.
We have a Knowledge Management platform which provides complete documentation classified by topic in the same way as our  » technical and economic watch  » unit feeds our intranet with various articles.
We have also given our teams the opportunity to use  » E-Learning  » for English training in addition to language training sessions carried out at the company’s headquarters.


You have real expertise in our jobs, you are keen on human values, consideration, solidarity, values that nourish collective intelligence ? Come and join us !