One of CMG Consulting Group’s top priorities is to respect the principles of sustainable development and mainly those specified in the United Nations Global Compact.

Our approach aims at respecting a Social Aspect (Principles 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.) of the Global Compact) and an Environmental Aspect (Principles 7. 8. 9. of the Global Compact), which has been evaluated by the company Ecovadis.

Diversity and equal opportunities policy

Our company was built from its inception with a multicultural dimension. We believe that this topic is a non-issue and does not require the formalization of a specific policy, as all of the people in charge in our system (local managers, entity managers, recruiters) are naturally consistent with this approach.

Our recruitment policy at Master 2 level from major universities, business schools and engineering schools, is completely consistent with the level of social and geographic diversity at the end of these courses.

Career opportunities and employee loyalty

With regard to our Consultants we offer:

• Professional development on their specific skills, characterized by the progressive development of their level of involvement (level of responsibility entrusted on missions with our customers), and by the possibility to extend their functional skills to new areas (e.g. addressing other types of risks) according to the assigned missions and with strong training support.
This development is assessed twice a year by the local manager with the support of the Consulting Director, the partner in charge of managing our operational system.

•  A statutory area of development, considering the role played within the firm in terms of team management or the development of our expertise. The requirements to access these positions are clearly explained during the recruitment process (at the third interview) and clarified on request at any time. We present these statutory changes as career opportunities but they are not compulsory (indeed you can have a very sucessful career with us without being obliged to manage or develop offers if you do not wish to…). Statutory changes drive specific additional financial compensation.

The loyalty of our employees, in our business, comes essentially from the relationship with local team management and with leaders, as well as in the firm’s ability to offer an individualized progression path and to welcome individual initiative. We keep a very close eye on these issues and are increasing formal and informal contacts with all of our teams.

As far as our « support staff » is concerned, their loyalty depends on the perspectives we offer them as part of our development. For example, our first HR collaborator was entrusted with a team of 4 people as we developed, and our sales representatives are entitled to recruit a junior salesperson as soon as their business portfolio exceeds a predefined level. Everyone is rewarded for their seniority in the company and for their results through appropriate professional development/ career opportunities.

Quality of life at work

In 2016, a first employee satisfaction survey was conducted with the support of an external service provider to allow everyone to express, anonymously, their feelings regarding the organization of work and the way the company was run.

The results of this study were immediately reported openly to all employees and swiftly translated into a concrete action plan.

In light of the excellent results of this approach, we decided to perpetuate it and therefore organize similar consultations regularly to assess the results of our action plans.

For our consultants, the quality of life at work largely depends on their working conditions while at work at our customers’, at least in terms of premises and rhythms. Our local managers are trained and have specific instructions to monitor their teams’ work conditions.

Regarding the quality of life at the head office, effective actions are regularly implemented. For example, since 2016, organic fruit baskets have been available to everyone. The workstations are modern and the furniture is comfortable.

Sponsorship actions – associative commitment

We carry out two types of actions :

• We sponsor a basketball club (Athletic Club of Boulogne-Billancourt, 92), on a long-term basis with a 3-year sponsorship agreement. The values carried by Sport (universality, diversity, performance, teamwork) are consistent with our business project.

• We occasionally sponsor and support some individual employees’ initiatives. For example in 2016, in November, we co-financed a young patient surgery suffering from a heart defect: this cause was dear to one of our employees who is very involved in community life and to whom we thus offered our support (sends a message of support). Or again, in [March? May] 2108, we contributed to the financing of the Children’s Dreams operation using aeronautical activities to better communicate on the differences due to disability.

Links with the world of education

CMG Consulting Group actively collaborates with Paris Dauphine University, through various Master 2 level training courses, and with the EDHEC and KEDGE business schools.
In addition, several of our collaborators work as temporary teachers at university and we encourage this approach by adapting their working time so that they can devote enough time to their educational commitments.

Employee awareness of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility

The principles of sustainable development are naturally integrated into the training of our team managers’ training when it comes to managing our consultants.

The values of the firm (pragmatism, rigor, responsibility) are consistently transmitted throughout the base of our monitoring and management tools.

It is precisely the notion of Responsibility which is the first motivation criterion identified among employees who apply for a management position. They are also recruited on this criterion.

This notion impacts the entire professionnal life of the employee, in particular during the recruitment phase (formalization of the commitments made by the employer during the interview process), then throughout the collaboration, during which we encourage team management to support our consultants, whatever the difficulties they face may be.