Risks & Market Activities :

• Production & Analysis of risk indicators (Market risks, Credit risks / Counterparty risks on market operations, ALM Risks)

• Support in the definition of the risk management policy / Regulatory impacts (Risk Management)

• Pricing and Quantitative Analysis

• Project management and monitoring

• Process optimization – Data Quality – Data audit

  Finance & Compliance:

• Consolidation / Reporting (financial statements – PCEC / PCSI / PCG /…)

• IFRS standards (4, 9, 15, 16, 17)

• Regulatory (SURFI, FINREP, COREP / SII…)

• Financial / management control

• Conducting internal audit missions & Compliance Reviews

• Project management and management/ project monitoring

• Process optimization – Data Quality – Data audit

  Payments & Cash Management :

• Regulatory: SEPA (SCT, SDD), DSP2, Instant Payment, SWIFT GPI

• Payments: domestic, international (MT101, MT102), substantial amounts

• Cash management (cash pooling, cash netting, payments on behalf of, payment factories)

• Interbank: CSM (Step2, Core1, Step2), Clearing, Correspondent Banking, reachability

• Banking telematics: customer acquisition> bank / bank restitution> customers (PAIN, CAMT), connectors, web banking

  Digital Banking & Services :

  • Digital company (dematerialization of stocks and incoming and outgoing flows, front-to-back workflows)
  • Digitalization of customer relations: institutional, editorial, transactional portals (B2C, B2B2C, B2E), webmarketing for portals and products, digital operational marketing, Cross-channel (Web, Mobile, tablet, distance selling), customer / user experience
  • Big Data: data centricity, data factory, data governance, dataviz, data management platform, datascience
  • Digital innovation: breakthrough and disruption innovation, launch of innovative offers, integration of Fintechs, monitoring, agility
  • Distribution (multi-channel / cross-channel customer experience, simulations)
  • Operations (completeness study, offers, management, recovery)

Insurance Actuarial:

For institutional customers

Pure actuarial – Inventory -SII

  • All types of provisions, Profit and loss accounts, prospective and retrospective studies
  • Construction or certification of tables
  • Portfolio valuation, Embedded value
  • Modelization
  • Pillar 1, 2 (Orsa) and 3 – Key Actuarial function – Data quality project
  • Tools
  • Training

Portfolio & Products

  • Creation / redesign of all types of products – Market study, behavior modeling (buyout laws, terminations, etc.), pricing, drafting of general conditions and notices, writing and / or review of processes, 5-year business plan S1 and S2,
  • Management audit, Compliance, contract audit,
  • Project management.

For Companies:

Prudential – health

  • Scheme audit, compliance, pricing, risk and needs adequacy, Profit and loss account verification, Call for tenders (evolution proposals, drafting of specifications, counting), Scheme harmonization.

Social liabilities commitments assessment