CMG CONSULTING GROUP is a network of firms specialized in organizational consultancy, project management and operational expertise in the banking / finance / insurance and real estate sectors.

Our global offer is designed to address our customers’ current challenges in terms of risk management, compliance, regulatory, financial management, transformation and digitalization of business processes & organizations, innovation in disruptive technologies (big data, artificial intelligence, instant payment,…).

CMG CONSULTING GROUP carries out research work in partnership with Paris Dauphine University, EDHEC or PARISTECH , in particular on Big Data & Blockchain for the benefit of banking and real estate players.

CMG CONSULTING GROUP is also a member of the Association for the Digital Economy (ACSEL) and PARIS EUROPLACE

ESEM HOLDING , the Group’s majority shareholder, also holds interests in many start-ups, ranging from those specialized in artificial intelligence and digital services, to those in the recycling & environmental sectors, in order to better assist its customers addressing tomorrow’s challenges.

In a consulting profession often considered as individualistic, we are convinced that nothing meaningful, nothing rigorous, nothing innovative can be achieved in isolation.

The ability of men and women to work together in a trustful environment will always make the difference.

This is the spirit that dictates the way in which we support our clients, our recruitment choices as well as our daily ambition to make our employees evolve.

Every day we are driven by a single goal : to constantly inject more Collective Intelligence into the heart of both our own organization as well as our customers’ organizations.

October 2006: Creation of CMG Conseil
January 2011: Creation of CMG Advisory
October 2018: Creation of CMG consulting Group
July 2019: Acquisition of AMO Conseil
January 2021: Creation of AXCO
Consolidated 2021 revenue
M €
Members of Staff
Revenue growth
Since January 2015
Headcount growth
Since January 2015

Acknowledging other individuals’ importance, trying to understand what can help them, being able to put yourself in their shoes and showing them esteem to build trust.


Trusting each other, being proud of feeling part of something bigger, being there for others, knowing that they will also be there for you; favor cooperation over competition.


Knowing how to rely on others and to be there for them does not mean blaming them or relying on others to make up for your own mistakes. Rigor is taking responsibility in front of your clients as well as your colleagues.